New Orleans Shooting Victim Lawyer

Gunshot wounds are often catastrophic injuries, and it can be difficult to heal after such an assault. If you’ve suffered a gunshot wound, call a New Orleans shooting victim attorney for help getting the justice you deserve.

Like many of America’s large cities, New Orleans is far from free of crime and assault. There are myriad reasons a shooting may happen, but what’s important is this: You have been shot by another person, and you deserve justice for your injuries.

Getting that justice doesn’t just mean putting the shooter behind bars. While this will certainly give you peace of mind that you’re safer now, you’ll still have the bills to handle after your assault.

If you’re injured and you need compensation for your injuries, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit with the help of Gray Law Group. A New Orleans shooting victim lawyer from our firm can help you fight for the funds you need after you’ve been shot.  

Shooting Assaults: Criminal Suits vs. Civil Suits

Chances are that your shooter has already gone to criminal court for his or her crime. However, this doesn’t mean the case is completely out of your hands. While your attacker could see up to $10,000 in fines, these funds will not go to you, so you’ll need to act in a separate civil case in order to recover compensation.

Criminal cases are built by the state, not you—they will be tried, and during this period, your civil case may have to wait until these proceedings are out of the way. After this, however, you may be able to use the criminal trial as evidence for your own claim.

After the criminal trial, then, you’ll need to be ready to bring your New Orleans shooting victim claim forward. It’s important to be prepared as soon as the criminal trial is over: While you’ll likely have two years to file because of the criminal case, rather than the usual one, you need to be prepared to act as soon as possible.

Recovering Fair Compensation

A significant part of your case preparation will involve determining the damage you have suffered and what should be included in your compensation. After all, a gunshot wound is a traumatic injury: bullets destroy any bone and tissue in their way, and the more powerful the gun, the more damage you likely suffered.

The treatment alone can be traumatic. Depending on the location and whether the bullet fragmented, you may need surgery to remove the pieces. You’ll also run the risk of infection, broken bones, and even paralysis, so your medical expenses after being shot in New Orleans could be extreme.

Beyond that, your expenses can build quickly because of your injuries. Below are just a few damages you may suffer as you heal from your gunshot wound:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Household services and care
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering

Contact a New Orleans Shooting Victim Attorney

Surviving a shooting can be a traumatic, painful event that will never truly go away. With a successful personal injury claim, however, you can rest easy and heal while knowing that your expenses will be covered.

The attorneys at Gray Law Group can help you maximize your compensation and get your life back. Whether your shooter is already in criminal court or awaiting trial, you may need someone to help you prepare and fight for your compensation in civil court.

If you’re considering seeking compensation, contact a New Orleans shooting victim lawyer. We offer free consultations and can help you make important decisions about your claim. Call us at 504-233-7000 or fill out our online contact form below.