Memphis Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Whether you’re walking to work or just out enjoying the day on foot, you’re at risk when drivers are careless. Fortunately, a Memphis pedestrian injury lawyer can help you get your life back after an accident.

Memphis is a beautiful city with plenty of walking areas for visitors and residents to enjoy. From window shopping to city parks, there are plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs in the city. Unfortunately, even an afternoon stroll can end in tragedy.

Every year, countless pedestrians are hit by cars or suffer accidents, and when it happens to you, it’s scary and painful—if not life-threatening. When you’re struggling with high medical expenses, it can be overwhelming to even consider filing a personal injury claim to seek the compensation you deserve.

Fortunately, at Gray Law Group, we make the process as easy on you as possible. Reach out to a Memphis pedestrian accident lawyer for help starting your case and learning what you need to know to file a successful claim.

Pedestrian Injuries Can Be Catastrophic

Unfortunately, you could be suffering for a long time because of another person’s actions. Pedestrians don’t have the same safety protections as drivers, motorcyclists, or even cyclists, who often have at least a helmet. Typically, pedestrians don’t leave the house prepared for a painful injury.

This means that major areas are left unprotected, especially the head, which causes a high number of fatalities. Many pedestrians die because of major organ damage, bleeding, and severe head wounds.

After all, if you’re hit by a car in Memphis, you’ll almost certainly suffer some head trauma if your head hits the pavement or sidewalk. At best, this may leave you with a minor concussion, which can cause some cognitive issues but will eventually heal. At worst, this can cause hemorrhaging and cognitive damage that could leave you permanently disabled.

You need to be aware of the damages you could sue for as a pedestrian. In addition to a brain injury, you could possibly suffer the following:

Recovering Maximum Compensation

When you’re this badly injured, your medical expenses are likely going to become overwhelming, and that’s not all the costs of an accident. Getting compensation for your injuries will be a major component of your full recovery, and it’s important to know what your case is worth before you ever begin.

You also need to know what compensation is available to you. Typically, most of your expenses will be the financial losses you suffered because of the Memphis pedestrian accident. This includes direct expenses like medical bills, but it can also include future medical expenses and lost wages.

In some cases, you may also sue for non-economic damages, which include pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and other damages that aren’t so easy to put a price tag on. While these damages are capped by Tennessee law, you should speak to your attorney about the total damages available to you after your accident.

Fault Laws in Memphis Pedestrian Accidents

Deciding fault for your case will be another major aspect of your claim. After all, if you’re injured, you need to know who’s responsible for covering the costs for your recovery. This may not be easy without the help of a pedestrian accident attorney in Memphis, but we can guide you through the process to get your case moving.

In cases where a car hit a pedestrian, the driver is typically the one who must handle the expenses for the accident. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you will be found completely blameless.

Tennessee recognizes modified comparative fault, which means that, if you’re found responsible for any part of the accident, your compensation will be reduced by that percentage. If you’re found 50 percent or more at fault, your case could be dismissed, and you will receive no compensation for your injuries.

Determining the person who caused your accident is only half the battle—you also need to make sure you won’t receive the blame for your own injuries. If you’re concerned about this, speak to an experienced attorney. We can review your case and the routes you could take.

Connect with a Memphis Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Sadly, because of other people’s negligence, a walk in the park or a stroll across the street can end in severe injuries and tragedy.

If this has happened to you, get in touch with a qualified and experienced lawyer—someone who can guide you through the process of pursuing compensation and make it easy on you so you can focus on healing.

That’s our priority at Gray Law Group. We understand how traumatic your injuries can be, and we’re here to help. If you’re struggling with your case, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Memphis pedestrian accident lawyer. Give us a call at 901-440-4444 or fill out the form below for more information or a free consultation.