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No one can be prepared for a canine attack. If a dog has bitten you and you need help obtaining the compensation you deserve, get in touch with a Memphis dog bite attorney who can help you hold the dog’s owner accountable.

Dog bites can leave victims physically injured for weeks or months, but the emotional trauma can affect their lives for years to come. Survivors are known to experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other anxiety-related symptoms like nightmares. Recovering from a canine attack can often be an uphill battle, especially if the victim was a child.

Contact a Memphis dog bite lawyer at Gray Law Group. We have the knowledge and experience you need to ensure that the owner of the dog that harmed you covers the costs of your damageswhile you focus on healing.

Strict Liability for Tennessee Dog Bites

Tennessee determines liability for dog bites primarily through what’s known as the “strict liability” rule—as opposed to the “one bite” rule. In the one bite rule, the dog has to have hurt someone in the past before the owner can be held liable for any costs incurred after the dog attacks someone.

However, with strict liability, it doesn’t matter what the temperament of the dog was prior to the bite—the owner will be held accountable for the dog’s behavior. Dog owners are required to keep their pets under control and not “running at large.” Failing to control the dog represents negligence on the part of the owner.

This rule does not apply, however, if you were trespassing or provoked the dog in some way. It it also not applicable to dogs who are working with the police force. Your dog bite lawyer in Memphis can help you determine whether you have a viable claim for compensation.

The Residential Exclusion

This exclusion to the strict liability statute requires the victim of the Memphis dog attack to prove that the dog had a propensity for being dangerous when the bite occurs on the dog owner’s property. A loophole this significant creates many problems for bite survivors. Many of the dog bites across Tennessee happen to invited guests on private property.

Let’s say you were visiting a friend at home and her dog attacked you. You would need to prove that your friend knew the dog was potentially aggressive. This is different for a dog and its owner who are on public property when the bite happens. Victims in those cases don’t have this burden of proof due to the strict liability statute.

Interestingly, this exclusion is unique to Tennessee. It creates significant conflict for Memphis dog bite victims who need to spend their energy recovering from the attack, rather than having to prove that the dog biting them wasn’t their fault.

Compensation for Your Memphis Dog Bite Damages

Once we are able to establish the fault of the dog owner, we can begin calculating the value of your damages. It goes without saying that the owner should cover all of your medical costs associated with the attack. This could include hospital and ambulance bills, surgeries, costs of prescription medications, copays, medical equipment or supplies, and even transportation costs.

You should also be reimbursed for any wages you lost or any damage that’s been done to your future earning potential if you’ll no longer be able to complete the requirements of your job.

In addition, non-financial aspects of your life are equally important to consider in your inventory of total damages. For instance, outpatient therapy to help you cope with your emotional distress, the loss of companionship and love, a loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, and even permanent disfigurement are all recoverable damages.

For help maximizing the value of your injury claim, speak with a dog bite attorney in Memphis.

Reach Out to a Memphis Dog Bite Attorney

Dealing with the aftermath of a canine attack can be a challenge. Having to do so while you are trying to recover from your injuries is more than any person should have to handle. Reach out to a qualified attorney with Gray Law Group for help regaining control of your life.

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