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Were you a passenger on a bus that crashed? Were you in your car when a bus hit you? Ask a Memphis bus crash lawyer how you can recover compensation for your damages.

Buses can be a convenient way of traveling around Memphis, especially if you’re not familiar with the city and want a safer alternative to walking. Unfortunately, although buses are safer than most other motor vehicles, there’s a chance that you could be seriously injured, whether you’re a passenger or another driver.

If you were injured because of a bus driver’s negligence or the carelessness of another party, give a Memphis bus accident lawyer a call. We understand how serious these crashes can be, and we want to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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Bus Accidents and Determining Fault

Unfortunately, getting fair compensation isn’t always simple. One of the first pieces of information listed in your claim will be the defendant, and even determining who this is can cause a snag in the proceedings. As simple as it may seem, consider the various possibilities before you file.

Because bus drivers are rarely independent employees, you’ll need to examine who they work for and who caused the accident more closely than you would in something like a car accident case. Below are some of the most common causes of Memphis bus accidents and who is at fault:

  • Bus Services – In most cases, the bus driver in question is employed by a larger organization that can also be held responsible. After all, employers are typically responsible for their employees’ actions, so you may need to take action against the company itself.
  • Schools – In the same vein as the above example, school bus drivers are employees of the school district or a private bus company. Both employers and drivers can be held accountable.
  • Road Conditions – In some cases, it’s not the driver or a business—it’s the road. Road hazards are sometimes the fault of the government agencies in charge of maintaining the roads, and when they neglect that duty, they should compensate you for any resulting damages.

Bus Crash Injuries Are Serious

Unlike cars and other vehicles, buses don’t provide a whole lot of personal safety features. Tennessee doesn’t require seat belts on buses, and this can mean serious harm in a crash. While school buses are safer, being high off the ground and having narrow, padded seats, public transit buses don’t always have the same safeguards.

Buses going at high speeds put you at special risk of severe trauma. When you’re involved in a bus crash, you’re likely to suffer severe injuries, such as the following:

Your bus accident lawyer in Memphis can help you assess your injuries in their entirety by working closely with your healthcare providers.

Getting Compensation for a Bus Crash in Memphis

When you’re injured this seriously, you likely need help getting back on your feet. After all, if another person caused your injuries, you shouldn’t be responsible for paying for his or her negligence. Fortunately, Tennessee law offers both financial damages and non-economic damages to help you recover.

Financial, or economic, damages should cover any monetary expenses caused by your bus accident. This includes any injury to yourself or your property during the crash, as well as damages incurred because of the crash. For example, if you’re injured and need household services to care for your home while you’re unable to do so, this should be included in your damages.

If you’re seeking non-economic damages, however, you may have some trouble. Tennessee does limit the damages you can receive for damages like pain and suffering, which is difficult to calculate monetarily, and under most circumstances, you can only receive $750,000 at most for non-economic damages.

Getting the right amount of compensation, especially for your non-financial damages, isn’t always easy, but a Memphis bus wreck attorney can help you calculate your claim’s worth and fight for what you’re owed.

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Bus crashes aren’t as common as other types of accidents, but when one happens to you, it can be just as devastating as any crash you could imagine. Fortunately, you can recover and get your life back.

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