Memphis Boating Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured in a boating accident because of someone else’s negligence? Call a Memphis boat accident lawyer for help getting the compensation you deserve.

While many people don’t think of boats when they think of Tennessee, Memphis has plenty of opportunities for taking an afternoon on the Mississippi River. Whether you want to fish or float, there are plenty of opportunities in the Memphis area.

Unfortunately, these opportunities are not always safe. A boating accident can happen at any time on the water, and your injuries could be devastating—especially if they’re the fault of a negligent boat operator.

Here’s the good news: Backed by a Memphis boating accident lawyer, you can get the compensation you need. At Gray Law Group, we’re committed to getting you on the road to recovery.

Tennessee Takes Negligent Boating Seriously

Tennessee takes boating accidents seriously, and with good reason. Watercraft can put residents at serious risk on the water. Beyond your own personal injury suit, the operator at fault will likely see thousands of dollars in fines if he or she broke the law and caused your accident.

Indeed, negligence is one of the most common causes of boating accidents. Boating under the influence (BUI) is taken just as seriously as driving under the influence. If you were injured by a boat operator who had been drinking, you have a strong chance of success in court.

While you only have a year to file in Tennessee, you have a chance to get your life back with your compensation. Don’t hesitate to ask a boating accident attorney in Memphis for help.

Compensation for Boating Accidents in Memphis

The settlement you receive in your case could help get your life on track, so it’s important to consider the entirety of the damages you’ve suffered and how to get back on your feet.

Unfortunately, this can be confusing. How do you know whether your injuries are serious enough to be included in your claim? Typically, injuries causing lasting physical or financial damages should be included, in addition to the expenses necessary to take care of them.

Below are just a few common injuries and the damages that come from Memphis boating accidents:

  • Propeller-Related Injuries – Boat propellers are a major cause of serious injuries, especially if the operator is inattentive and doesn’t shut off the boat. This can cause enough damage to lead to an amputation, which is traumatic and life-changing, or death.
  • Drowning – If you were rescued quickly while beginning to drown, your chances of survival are good, but the longer you went without oxygen, the worse the damage may be. You could suffer permanent brain damage, making it difficult to work or enjoy life as you once did.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – When a boat collides with another boat or object, the impact can damage the spinal cord, resulting in paralysis in severe cases. Such injuries cause other damages, such as emotional trauma and lost wages.

Contact a Memphis Boating Accident Attorney

If you’ve been injured by a careless boat operator, you deserve compensation for your pain and losses. We’ve seen many cases like this at Gray Law Group, and we’re here and ready to help.

If you’re struggling with your injuries, call a Memphis boating accident lawyer. We can ease the difficulty of the claim process so you can focus on getting better while we focus on fighting for your compensation. Contact us now for a free consultation—we want you to know before you sign anything that we can help. Call us at 901-440-4444 or fill out the form below.